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Better Eat these Organic May 25, 2018

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Every year since 2004, the EWG has released its annual Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce ranking fruits and veggies that are highest in pesticide residue (the Dirty Dozen) and lowest (the Clean Fifteen). Not only does EWG’s list make the organic produce decision-making process a whole lot easier, it also raises awareness as to just how many chemicals are contaminating the foods we eat. Research has shown that pesticide consumption can pose serious health risks, including birth defects, Parkinson’s disease and cancer. Limiting exposure in young children, whose immune systems and organs aren’t fully developed, is even more important.

So what about this year’s list? It isn’t very much different than prior years, with strawberries nabbing the “dirtiest” spot on the list. Yep, a third of all strawberry samples contained 10 or more pesticides, while one in particular contained a whopping 22 pesticide residues. Scary, right? So it’s best to splurge and go organic…

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Universal Vision: Soul Evolution & Cosmic Plan November 12, 2016

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An awesome book filled with so many tools that you’ll want to read it and read it again!

Talks with Scott Mandelker

Adapted from Scott Mandelker’s ET Journal, Universal Vision is a grand synthesis of advanced knowledge on cosmic life, human evolution, and the principles of spiritual growth. It includes essays on Wanderers and ET agendas, Earth Changes and survival, plus new teachings on meditation, Higher Self, self-healing, and the 7 chakras — as well as reader mail, personal stories, extensive Q-&-A sections, charts and outlines. Universal Vision also includes advanced teaching, applications, and commentary on The RA Material.

“Universal Vision is a cosmic tool box, filled with dozens of practical, useful spiritual instruments designed to enable you to build a solid bridge to the future — a bridge structured to support your soul’s evolution in a union with the universe and All That is.”
Brad Steiger
author of Star People and Starborn

Universal vision: Soul Evolution & Cosmic Plan

USD$ 5.99

email me at:


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Cancer Alternative Protocol ~ Dr Gonzalez’s work August 12, 2016

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A genius and a great compassionate soul has left this plane a year ago (July, 2015): Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

This great man and his clinic were able through an alternative protocol to reverse with great success most cancer… For those interested in that matter I would suggest to listen to the video below where Dr. Gonzalez summarized his work and his protocol made of common sense, in the intent of helping his patients and not for profit as some other industries do.

His protocol is quite simple:

  • Good diet adapted to the person’s type (ie: Sympathetic – Parasympathetic – Balanced) which helps nourish the body
  • Enzymes supplementation to dissolve the invaders (ie: tumors…)
  • Detox phase to help the liver throw away toxins (ie: coffee enemas…)

Most of Dr. Gonzalez work was founded on the research of many great researchers before him, like Dr. Weston Price, Dr. Pattinger, Dr. William Kelley… For more information, you can check below some additional links, although youtube too has lots of videos on all these researchers and their foundational groundbreaking works.

May you be well and Happy!


For more information:







Loving Truth August 6, 2016

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One of the best essay on Truth… A great read if one wants to reflect on Truth and how to see reality more clearly…who to follow, listen? It all comes down to one’s Insight and the depth of our Love of Truth!

Talks with Scott Mandelker

What is Truth, and how do we know Truth for ourselves? In this short essay, Scott Mandelker, Ph.D. explores and answers bravely these questions. He brings us, the reader, to refine our understanding of truth, and slowly, gently takes us on a ride of loving truth and how it is vital for us on the path of developing love-wisdom. Truth is indeed no small matter on the spiritual path and this essay as with many of Scott’s writtings can be read and re-read, used again and again to refine one’s wisdom, love and discernment, tools of the utmost help down here on 3D earth. Certainly a must-read for all seekers of truth!


Free Download below


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Books by Scott Mandelker, Ph.D. August 3, 2016

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Below you will find all the Books and Essays written by Scott Mandelker, Ph.D.  Enjoy! Most of his writtings are available here for Free. If you would like to buy From Elsewhere: Being ET in Americ…

Source: Books

Human Crisis and Divine Plan, by Scott Mandelker Ph.D. August 1, 2016

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Human crisis_model-cover_2

Human Crisis and Divine Plan by Scott Mandelker, Ph.D. is a very interesting essay in metaphysics that addresses some very important point about humanity and souls on the negative path. Such as:

The purpose of evil;

The relationship that the 2 groups entertained here on Earth (Humans & Service to self souls);

The Logos plan: Soul Evolution in midst of crisis and the purpose of Free will.

Human Crisis and Divine Plan is now available

  • as an eBook (ePub & PDF) for free on Lulu.com>> eBook
  • and as a free PDF on Scott Mandelker’s blog, category ‘PDF files’>> PDF

From Elsewhere: Being ET in America, by Scott Mandelker Ph.D. July 28, 2016

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As all good things come out with time, From Elsewhere: Being E.T. in America, the Ph.D. research of Dr. Scott Mandelker is finally available as an eBook for all Wanderers to Enjoy!

For more information please check this link… From Elsewhere eBook & PDF


Confucius and the way of virtue April 20, 2016

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Scott Mandelker’s comments on quotes from the text Ethics of Confucius. Confucius & the way of virtue Part 1 ~ Download   Confucius & the way of virtue Part 2 ~ Download   C…

Source: Confucius

Myths & Truths About Nutrition February 11, 2016

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NNMyth: Heart disease in America is caused by consumption of cholesterol and saturated fat from animal products.

Truth: During the period of rapid increase in heart disease (1920-1960), American consumption of animal fats declined but consumption of hydrogenated and industrially processed vegetable fats increased dramatically. (USDA-HNI)

Myth: Saturated fat clogs arteries.

Truth: The fatty acids found in artery clogs are mostly unsaturated (74%) of which 41% are polyunsaturated. (Lancet 1994 344:1195)

Myth: Vegetarianism is healthy.

Truth: The annual all-cause death rate of vegetarian men is slightly more than that of non-vegetarian men (.93% vs .89%); the annual death rate of vegetarian women is significantly more than that of non-vegetarian women (.86% vs .54%) (Am J Clin Nutr 1982 36:873)

Myth: Vitamin B12 can be obtained from certain plant sources such as blue-green algae and soy products.

Truth: Vitamin B12 is not absorbed…

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It’s Sugar – and Not Salt – that Raises your Blood Pressure May 22, 2015

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It looks as though medicine has been fingering the wrong guy when it comes to heart disease prevention and lowering blood pressure.  For years we’ve been told that salt is the major villain, but it appears that sugars in processed foods—and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in particular—may be the real culprit.

Not only is the case against the salt/blood pressure theory unproven, it may have done some harm.  In fact, we need to consume between 3 and 6 g of salt every day for optimum health, and amounts below that could be bad for our health, reckon researchers from St Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas.

Both salt and sugars are often found in most processed foods—but the sugars are the problem.  HFCS is singled out by the researchers because it is the most frequently-used sweetener in processed foods, and especially fruit-flavored and fizzy drinks.  Sugar-sweetened drinks account…

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